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Materials Needed for Class


1) A Good Quality Instrument

We recommend you rent a quality instrument from a local violin shop.  A violin rental is reasonable and costs about $20 per month. Since your child will be in a fractional size instrument, a rental makes it easy to change to the next size as your child grows. Please refer to our "LINKS" page for recommendations on local violin shops for rentals or where to buy a good quality instrument. 

Please note: Tuition does not include the cost of an instrument rental. 


2) A Folding Music Stand

There are numerous options to purchase a folding music stand at a local music shop or online for under $20. Folding music stands usually come in 3 parts, in a variety of colors and have a carrying case.

Folding music Stand Sample

3) A Zaret Sponge (for violins and violas only)

Young beginning students often feel most comfortable using a Zaret Sponge for a shoulder rest.  The shoulder rest is necessary to support the instrument while playing. It also prevents the instrument from sliding off the shoulder.  A sample of a Zaret Sponge may be found below.

As your child matures and their playing advances, we recommend a Kun Shoulder Rest. (please do not accept any imitations)

Zaret Sponge sample

4) A 3 Prong Folder with Page Protectors

Students need a 3 prong folder or 1/4 binder to keep their sheet music organized. Their Music Folder should contain 20 Page Protectors. 

5) A Pencil

As a Standard, a Pencil is the only writing implement we use when making notations on Music.

6) A Healthy Snack

Please send your child to school on Orchestra Day with an extra snack. No Peanuts Please.